Using technology and pyschology to deter intruders.

Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated while at the same time, thieves are utilizing new technology and discovering new ways to steal or damage your vehicle.

New and existing security systems provide only limited functionality.  thereby successfully preventing or deterring only a relatively small number of thefts.   Furthermore, existing security systems are being easily disconnected or deactivated by a thief and providing an alarm only when the vehicle has actually been damaged.

Since most car alarms are triggered accidentally (frequently because of high sensitivity settings), people often ignore alarms. Police Departments claim that car alarms are actually making the crime problem worse because false alarms are so common that people simply ignore them.

Therefore, existing security systems allow thieves to approach and physically touch your vehicle and the contents before the alarm is activated, by this time it’s usually too late as most people have ignored the alarm.

Whenever you are not using your vehicle, it is unprotected (except for existing security systems) and an open invitation to thieves and vandalism.

How do you deter intruders from even approaching and touching your vehicle while your vehicle is unattended and defenceless? Obviously it would be impossible to maintain constant physical surveillance, but it is possible to maintain constant surveillance and psychological deterrents with Securetone.

Securetone provides security surveillance with Secure Shield detection zone, personalized warning messages/alarms to intruders and real-time security updates with text messages and pictures. Also, Securetone enhances your personal safety with additional security features to deter intruders from approaching.

With Securetone, your vehicle is never alone and defenceless against technologically advanced criminals. The Secure Shield detection zone uses doppler radar to detect moving objects and its readings are not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust or light - suitable for harsh environments.

Smartphone connectivity for real-time security updates is maintained with the new LTE-M network, a low-power LTE network for internet of things (IoT) devices. Long Term Evolution Category M1 — or LTE-M — is a category of 4G network technology specifically designed for use by IoT devices. Not only is LTE-M faster than 2G and 3G, but it also enables low-power devices to operate for lengthy periods of time without needlessly draining battery.

Securetone creates psychological intruder deterrents by utilizing audios for personalized warning messages and alarms. Unlike traditional security alarms that are ignored, when personalized audios are played they attract attention and deter intruders from either approaching or touching the vehicle.

An additional psychological deterrent is created with Safetones, personalized audios that are played to create a distraction while the user exits to a safe location. Also, Baittone combines a psychological and technological element to deter an intruder. With Baittone activated, if the vehicle’s key fob is lost or stolen, when the intruder uses the key fob to unlock the doors, the Securetone alarm is activated and an alert message is sent.

When an intruder enters the Secure Shield detection zone, the vehicle’s parking lights are turned on signalling Securetone is watching. If the intruder fails to leave the zone after warnings, an alert message with picture is sent directly to your smartphone and the alarm is played.

Securetone enhances your personal safety and deters intruders with technology and psychology.

Securetone, security at the next level…

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