Securetone system

Next level of security

Securetone is a comprehensive security platform with advanced technology and psychological deterrents that integrates with your vehicles existing security system.

Advanced technology

New LTE-M network (IoT devices) with faster connectivity for real-time surveillance and communication, doppler radar for intruder detection, dual computer processors for operation and security, 3 light sensitive cameras and amplifier for intruder identification and warnings.

Psychological deterrents

Securetone creates psychological deterrents to theft and vandalism with initial detection prior to intruder contacting the vehicle and then with personalized audios and light to attract public attention.  Securetone's additional proprietary security functions create psychological deterrents due to intruders fear of detection.

With Securetone, your vehicle is never alone and defenceless.

Securetone app

Leading-edge mobile connectivity

If you have cellular coverage any where in the world, Securetone mobility provides leading-edge connectivity for that ultimate experience.  Certified and carrier approved for North America.  Once Securetone is activated, you can choose to either stay connected with the Securetone app for full function control, or communicate with your existing vehicle key fob.  

Dash module

Securetone Dash module is the security unit and is either mounted on the dash or attached to the windshield of the vehicle.  The Dash module communicates with the main module which is mounted under the vehicles dash.  The Dash module includes the following items:

  1. Front camera
  2. Driver camera
  3. Passenger camera
  4. Driver Secure Shield sensor
  5. Passenger Secure Shield sensor
  6. Led lights around top perimeter
  7. Led status light on top
  8. Main module electrical connector on front
  9. SD card slot on back
  10. External audio input jack on back
  11. Emergency record button on back
  12. Emergency text button on back
  13. Record button on back
  14. GPS button on back