Leading-edge mobile connectivity

If you have cellular coverage any where in the world, Securetone mobility provides leading-edge connectivity for that ultimate experience.  Certified and carrier approved for North America.  You can choose to either stay connected with the Securetone app for full function control, or communicate with your existing vehicle key fob.


Securetone mobility features

No matter where you or your vehicle are in the world, with cellular coverage Securetone app provides full function control.  Stay connected to receive real time security updates or just view the world around your vehicle.  If you prefer, you can receive text messages in the event of an intruder alert.  If you leave your vehicle and forget to activate Securetone, you can choose to receive a text message to remind you of the vehicle inactivity and to activate Securetone.


Enhance your security and lifestyle

Securetone's features and mobile connectivity provide anti-theft deterrents to discourage intruders. The Secure Shield detection zone with warning messages warns intruders they are being watched as they approach the vehicle.  When intruders know they are being photographed and the owner is viewing their picture, they will most likely move on to another easier target.  Also, safety features such as Safetone, provide a distraction in a dangerous environment to allow the user to seek safety.