If you are parking in an area which you believe is high risk, the SafeSecure mode can be selected to enhance safety.  With SafeSecure mode, whenever an intruder enters the detection zone, no warning messages are played and Alarmtone audio is activated.  This immediate reaction to an intrusion discourages intruders with a unique Alarmtone audio.  

SafeSecure provides immediate Alarmtone audio if an intruder enters the Secure Shield detection zone, if you park in a location that you feel is unsafe, SafeSecure does not play any warning messages but plays your personalized Alarmtone audio and sends a text message whenever an intruder enters the Secure Shield detection zone.

Secure Shield detection zone demonstration.  Secure Shield is a digital barrier around your vehicle that provides protection from intruders.  Secure Shield utilizes microwave sensors that are not affected by temperature,  humidity, noise, air, dust or light and are suitable for harsh environments.