Welcome to Securetone

Next level of security

Whether you're driving or parked, enhance your safety and protect your vehicle.

Advanced technology

New technology for mobile connectivity, seamless communication and real-time vehicle surveillance.

Psychological deterrents

Deter intruders with active vehicle perimeter surveillance, personal warning messages/alarms as they approach the vehicle and proprietary security functions to match the security threat level.

Experience Securetone

Securetone demonstration videos.

Security features

Whether travelling or parked, Securetone's security offers peace of mind for you and your vehicle.


Securetone app

Stay connected to your vehicle with the Securetone app, a seamless user interface.

Secure Shield

Digital perimeter security to detect advancing intruders.

Securetone Mobility

Securetone mobility provides leading-edge connectivity for seamless user interface.  Certified and carrier approved for North America.


Securetone Cameras

Light sensitive cameras for pictures and videos.